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Thanks for choosing AOP3D TECH SERVICES!. By taking this initial step, you’re already well on your way to meeting all you're tech goals. With AOP3D tech services, we can help you solve almost any tech issue or problem you may have. In-store or by remote we are there when you need us!

For our local customers, All cape ann residents receive 10% off all the time 365 days a year. AOP3D provides a tech experience like no other we will take the time to understand you're overall issue and work closely with you and your tech to help solve your issue fast and affordable!

We mainly work with software issues related to WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS, APPLE OSX, ANDROID, IOS, IPAD OS, AND CHROME OS. HOWEVER, WE ARE ALSO ABLE TO HELP YOU ON MANOR HARDWARE ISSUES AS WELL LIKE A NEW HDD OR A NEW SET Of RAM!! Give us a call at 781-507-1606. You can also reach us by email at AOP3D.COM@GMAIL.COM. Or chat with us on the web at AOP3D.COM

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AOP3D FREE computer Recycling services at theAOP3D STORE

Do you have laptops or small desktop computers sitting around at home because they don't work or just don't have any more use? If you do then your in luck! Because we now offer free computer Recycling services at the aop3d store!Bring in your laptops, small desktops, used or broken Apple devices to the store for Recycling.

We do take almost everything  (Except) for the following items! We do not take large or old desktops with large form factors, and desktops with old IDE Hard drives, no old outdated electronics like cd players or VHS  players. We can not take Computer monitors of any kind, No TVs or sound Equipment will be Accepted. For any other device that you are not sure about please message us 😎

CLICK HERE FOR directions 🧭 



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