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ONLY @ AOP3D!!!!!!! aop3d microfiber masks

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ONLY @ AOP3D!!!!!!!

aop3d microfiber masks 

AOP3D MICROFIBER FILTER MASKS, Get a mask with actual benefits to your health! They are made from a 100% Cotton blend. They are Washable and offer a Microfiber Filtration and the filter doesn't need to ever be changed. The Dust collection efficiency of this mask is 98% or more. The mask Can be washed up to 20 times or more depending on how often it is washed! It can be worn 8 consecutive weeks with 2 washes per week. The masks High Durable Microfiber Filtration system helps with blocking harmful substances, fine water droplets, and is great with minimizing skin irritation. They are on sale at the aop3d store for $13.99 cash only!

They are made in South Korea every purchase helps them!

do you need directions to the aop3d store? click the link below!!!

click here to get there!!

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