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MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker, Vehicle Tracking Device and  Monitoring System with Real-Time Reports, 4G with Phone App

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Brand: MotoSafety

Color: OBD Tracker


  • EASY PLUG & PLAY - Our devices install in seconds while our mobile and desktop apps consistently rate highly with customers based on ease of use.
  • LOW MONTHLY COST - $19.50/month covers firmware updates, cellular service, and 60-second location reporting.
  • NO BATTERIES - Reliable GPS tracking with no surprise loss in power.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES - (Device cost + $19.50 monthly service fee). No activation fees. No cancellation fees. No upgrade fees.
  • FAMILY FOCUS - The only GPS tracker on the market that is developed with input from driving instructors and law enforcement with a focus on teen safety while encouraging open and honest conversation between parents and teens.
  • GPS TRACKING PLUS - Other battery-powered trackers do not keep track of maintenance schedules, offer needed service alerts, or provide helpful information on diagnostic code readings to help with accurate repair estimates.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - We offer friendly, live, US-based customer service.
  • FLEXIBLE - No contract options available and no activation fees or added costs for 60-second reporting.
  • COMPATIBLE - Our devices currently work in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory

Details: MOTOsafety is an award-winning real-time 4G GPS tracker for families, developed with input from driving instructors and law enforcement to provide freedom for teen and elderly drivers and peace of mind for their loved ones. What makes MOTOsafety different? -Simple plug-and-play OBD devices that install in seconds -No batteries required! Our devices never lose power, won’t drain vehicle batteries and will send alerts when devices are tampered with or become unplugged. -No hidden fees. While other companies require you to pay more for activation, improved service or faster data, our cost (Device cost + $22.99 monthly service fee) covers free mobile apps for iOS and Android, firmware updates, cellular service, and 60-second location reporting. -The only GPS tracker designed to coach teen drivers to better driving habits using easy to read scorecards based on speed, braking habits, rapid acceleration, and more. -Get more than just location and driving data! OBD trackers will send alerts when check engine lights are triggered, along with diagnostic code readings. Share with mechanics for accurate troubleshooting and repair estimates. -Allows parents and families to keep vehicles safe by keeping track of maintenance schedules and sending notifications in advance of needed service - great for relatives out of state or kids away at school. -Live, US-based customer service. -Free mobile apps for iOS and Android, along with email/text alerts -North America Compatible: United States, Canada, and Mexico - start tracking now! -Our products are not made for spying on spouses or family members. Our products are designed to encourage open and honest conversations between parents and teens, adult children and elderly parents, and anyone who wants to allow new or fragile drivers to stay safely on the road.

Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.3 x 2.9 inches

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