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Lanpuly Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer USB Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter Racket Zap for Home, Outdoor, Pest Insects Control, Led Light w/Base,4000v Double Layers Mesh Safety Protection Safe to Touch

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Brand: Lanpuly


  • Kill Fly Instantly: It easy to zap insects and flies with easy swat. Electric Fly Swatter is reliable and powerful.It will zap insects or flies with a single swing of this electronic swatter with a powerful grid eliminates mosquitoes, flying insects.
  • Ultra-Fast Usb Charging: Plug into any Usb device to charge this battery operated bug zapper fly swatter quickly and efficiently. Usb charging makes it convenient and safe . Built-in Led Lighting can help you find, attract and kill the bugs in the dark.
  • Safe Touch:Handheld zapper kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other flying insects. The outdoor bug zapper racket with 3-layers mesh design for safety. Outer nickel plated stainless steel mesh and inner layer aluminum mesh design will not leak electricity.
  • Tips: We recommend to fully charge it when first use it and after long time not use. Please make sure that this electric mosquito swatter has enough power. Please multiple shocks the big bugs, the powerful Volt is now easy to kill small insects.
  • Environmental Safe: Not worry about toxic insect sprays,which are unsuitable for grilling or dining outdoors because they can contaminate your food. This mosquito killer of fly zapper does not pose any threat to your safety and is harmless for environment.

Details: Revolutionary improvement! Turn the tables on those pesky bugs with the revolutionary Bug Zapper, an electronic fly swatter will take the acrobatics out of eliminated all types of flying insects. Whenever you encounter a bug that just needs to move along, simply swing the electric bug zapper in its Path, press the activator! Bye-bye, bug! Led light in dark If you should feel the need to zap after dark, a super-bright Led light will illuminate the scene. Keep electric bug zapper racket handy wherever you are. Convenient & Effect! The bug zapper racket can turn out electrical shock waves that may destroy bugs in a second, without you even feeling. Once you discover the ease and convenience of this powerful handheld electric bug zapper,you will want a fly swatter zapper in the kitchen, the garage, your car and everywhere else you go. Warning: It should not be treated as a toy since it is an extremely powerful tool, used by professional pest controllers all the time. Specification: Color: White Material: Abs Plastic Battery Capacity: 1200-1500mAh Output Voltage: 3000v Model: Usb interface lithium battery Charging Time: Charge 4-6 Hours Support 30 days continuoususe Package included: 1 x Fly Swatter 1 x Usb Charging Cable Warning: It should not be treated as a toy since it is an extremely powerful tool, used by professional pest controllers all the time.

Package Dimensions: 17.4 x 9.5 x 1.7 inches

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