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AOP3D SOCIAL MEDIA automation services

AOP3D SOCIAL MEDIA automation services

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AOP3D SOCIAL MEDIA automation services


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This is the deal of all deals! At just 20 dollars a month! 

This is our social media booster service that provides you with enormous amounts of exposure for very little investment for your business or cause. 

 Our social media management service. Our service provides you with enormous amounts of exposure for very little investment for your business or cause. Our service is designed to help you see more exposure online within 6 to 24 months. We can manage your Facebook page and Facebook group, Twitter page, LinkedIn page, Tumblr page, Google my business page, or Pinterest page. Or all of them together it’s up to you.

Part 1 of the process. We can manage your social media accounts with posts you give us or with posts we create for you and constantly post to your social accounts as often as you would like.


Part 2 of the process. WE ALSO HELP CREATE NONE DIRECT POSTS  FOR YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE For example, if you are a restaurant we will post cool food ideas and so on. Anything relevant to your industry. This will generate a huge amount of traffic to your page, which will help you gain exposure. We Periodically post advertisements for your business, but we want to keep that to a Minimum because people want to be informed on other things not always about you. If you're going on Twitter or Facebook and talking about you, you, you then (YOU ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG OK). I'm sorry but it's the truth is people want to be Entertained they want to be pulled into your content, Not bored to death by reading what your special of the day is because honestly not too many of your viewers are going to care. Harsh maybe but if we're going to help you then you need to understand this.

Now that we got that squared away, let us talk to you about the fun part. So the fun part is you will get tons mean tons of online exposure which will then make you more popular on google (essential) because if you're popular on google then you're going to show up more on search results which is a good thing for your business exposure & (SEO). Above all this extra exposure will create more revenue flow and more and more people will know your place or brand. Don't get me wrong tho this is not an overnight process OK it will take some time so if you're looking for a get-rich-quick type of thing then maybe you'd want to try magic tricks or something. 


However, if you're serious about strengthening your business exposure then this plan will work for you! Here is the unbelievable part it's only 20 a month. That's crazy right we know, but we are so determined to help your business grow we will perform this service for only 20 bucks a month because, in the long run, your success is our success.









__________________________________________________THE legal stuff!

AOP3D proposes to provide the following services:
Social media marketing.
Terms of the proposal:
12 Monthly payments of $19.99payable as follows by paying you agree to this contract automatically.
The client may cancel after 10 months. The early termination fee will be 325 dollars. With written notice provided to AOP3D at least 5 business days prior to the end of the 10 months.
Included in this engagement are the following services:
Social media services to include creation and maintenance of the following social media accounts for the client: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr,
“Mating” e-commerce store(s) based on the client’s profile and needs,
Posting of relevant and informative statuses to each account including new products and sales and new offers ( do some of these have extra charges?-hard to tell)

Optional services may include:
advertising fees,
SEO fees or perhaps extra promotions of products.
You should know the following:
The client will be billed on an annual basis until the client requests the termination of the contract after the 10-month period. All other services and requests will be billed at an additional charge once terms are agreed on.
Refunds on digital services cannot be accepted. AOP3D is not responsible for creating products or keeping track of orders. The success of the individual’s overall business is not guaranteed, however, we will make an honest attempt to help each and every client succeed beyond their expectations.

Upon acceptance of this proposal, the parties enter into a binding agreement.
AOP3D SOCIAL MEDIA automation services


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