Online shopping how to be safe and how to stay safe!

Online shopping how to be safe and how to stay safe!

Do you shop online? I bet you do or have at least once in your life. So things you need to know are one your information is always going to be at risk when shopping online so to help avoid potential problems I'd recommend using paypal  however if you wish to just use your credit card then let's talk about a few ways you can help make your online shopping a bit more secure. So 1st thing you want to do is make sure that the site your on is secure pretty basic! however, you'd be surprised how many people overlook this simple rule. So assuming the site you are on is secure next thing you want to look for is up on the address bar were it says htp you want to look for the (S) after the (P) because that (S) represents a secure connection and helps you stay secure when entering your credit card information. Another thing is to make sure your computer its self-doesn't have any viruses if it dos then that can also be a huge issue since there may be certain programs tracking your keystrokes or watching your screen which can be a huge issue so make sure you have good virus protection and keep your computer clean. So last thing you may want to do b4 you order anything online is make sure you uncheck any boxes that offer to save your credit card information for next time! That not only is a very bad idea but can lead to many issues later down the road. most of these boxes are automatically CHECKED which in my opinion shouldn't be allowed but whatever. So in conclusion Shopping online we all do it however we don't all do it smart or securely so follow our guide and stay safe online!

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