So I have just purchased a new Imac it's the latest model and has an I5 cpu with 8gb of ram. All is well, however, I wanted to simply change the username from end user to AOP3D! Sounds simple enough right! wrong. you gotta be careful because if done carelessly it can be a huge project after. So I went and changed the name. I did this by going to system preferences and went to users & groups, you then click on the lock so you can then make changes right-click the user and then change the name life is good. However little did we know it automatically changes you from ADMIN to a Standard user which can be a very bad thing. So if you restart your mac and allow the changes to take effect your then left with a standard user with no admin accounts. At this point, you're screwed because since there are no admin accounts you can't change your account back so therefore you can't do anything. you can't install software make changes to settings you can't do jack sh**t. So what do you do to solve this issue? You can do what we did and search google for useless information that others have posted like tricking the system to start from the beginning and help you create a new user account. Now not only does this approach not work half the time but for a normal none tech savvy individual it's like trying to figure out THE DAVINCI CODE I mean come on no one is gonna know how to code in the commands like we did to test this completely useless and difficult approach. So allow me to tell you How it should actually be done! To solve this issue in a timely manner that will work 100% of the time it's going to suck however at this point you don't have much of a choice in the matter. So what you need to do is wipe out your mac, You may want to back up your mac with time machine or something b4 you wipe out the system. So assuming you did that let's go through the steps on how to properly wipe out the mac. first, off you want to shut off your mac> then you want to hold down the COMMAND AND (R) KEY AT THE SAME TIME THEN WHAT FOR THE APPLE LOGO once that appears you need to select disk utility and find your drive then at the top click erase. Once your drive has been wiped go back to the beginning of the menu and select reinstall mac osx once you do that it will start to do it's thing and your all set. 


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