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BY-J 24GHz Millimeter Wave Radar BSD Blind Spot Monitoring and Line Assist System Automobile BSM Blind Spot Dectetion Rearview Mirror Blind Spot Prompt Warning Radar LED Sign General

BY-J 24GHz Millimeter Wave Radar BSD Blind Spot Monitoring and Line Assist System Automobile BSM Blind Spot Dectetion Rearview Mirror Blind Spot Prompt Warning Radar LED Sign General

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Brand: BY-J

Color: 1st 063


  • The system is a vehicle auxiliary device that helps the driver to change lanes safely while driving. While driving, vehicles within 10*40 feet on both sides of the road can be monitored. When the vehicle is driving, when the vehicle on the side or behind is likely to collide with our vehicle, the LED light will light up to warn the driver; if the turn signal of the car is turned on, it will be accompanied by an audible warning.
  • When the car started, blind spot monitoring began to work. Blind spot monitoring can distinguish fixed objects and moving objects, and fixed objects will not alarm. For example, when you are waiting for traffic lights: after the car stops, the car behind is a fixed object. If driving normally: when the car behind is slower than us, when there is no danger of collision, there will be no alarm. Similarly, when we overtake, the speed is faster than the car behind, there is no alarm.
  • The installation angle of the radar will affect the detection distance and effect. Please install in strict accordance with the requirements of the installation manual. We recommend that professionals install it. {By the way: Due to manual measurement, there may be a difference of 1-3 millimeters (mm). }
  • It may not be possible to detect moving objects near 3 meters behind the vehicle. If it encounters heavy rain, it may affect the detection distance and effect.
  • We are a manufacturer and our products are directly produced and sold. We guarantee stable quality and very favorable prices; our products have passed CNAS certification, EU CE certification, you can rest assured to buy; as a professional manufacturer of automotive safety products, we can help our Customers solve all problems and become you Reliable partner.

Binding: Electronics

Details: 1. This system is a vehicle safety driving assistance device that helps the driver to safely change lanes while driving. 2. Use the 24 GHz RF sensor to detect the side / back of the vehicle, and transmit the moving objects in the detection area to the blind spot LED lights to remind the driver to drive safely. 3. The system is equipped with a host and two millimeter wave radar probes,two LED lights a buzzer and a wire harness. This is the perfect combination of 24GHz millimeter wave radar and computer. 4. Vehicle rearview mirrors have blind spots, which can easily endanger driving safety! When BSM BSD BSA blind spot monitoring is installed in your car, no matter during the day, night or even snow, as long as there is a moving object behind the vehicle, the LED lights will flash. The sound signal reminds the driver to be careful when changing lanes to avoid side collision risks of. [Specification] Radar: 24GHz Millimeter wave radar Alarm range: 10*40feet Alarm system accuracy: 98% Alarm mode: Light + sound warning Alarm volume: 70dB-90dB Waterproof level: IP67K Function: Lane change assist, blind spot monitoring Working temperature: -40-80°C When to start work: After the car starts, it starts to work Monitoring objects: Moving objects near the left and right side of the rear of the vehicle Voltage:12V Power supply mode: ACC [Product Packaging] 2 radar probes, 2 LED lights, Buzzer/Wire / Screw / Installation Instructions / Calibration Cards Each 1 [Note] Radar signals cannot penetrate metal and are easily interfered by fluorescent lights. The rear bumper of the installed car is plastic. Provide English installation instructions and installation videos of key steps.

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches

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