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BLUE USB Tiki mic 🎙

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Aop3d has you covered!

Need a professional-grade USB microphone for your zoom calls or video conferences? then look no further!

most of your built-in microphones on laptops or webcams don't offer clear high-end sound/ voice if you're going to want the best possible sound quality then we recommend this blue USB microphone !!!!

Featuring exclusive noise-canceling technology, Tiki enhances your voice and reduces unwanted sound from interfering with your online conversations. Simply plug Tiki into your computer’s USB port to bring your voice to the forefront of Skype calls, voice recognition software or vocal recordings.

Shut Out The Noise:

Featuring proprietary iZotope noise-canceling technology, Tiki highlights the sounds you want—your voice—and minimizes background noise from loud rooms, keyboard clicks, table rumble, clinking cocktail glasses and more. It even knows when to mute the mic altogether.

Clear Online Communication:

Whether you’re on a business or personal call, you want to be heard right the first time. Tiki automatically enhances the quality of Skype, Internet communication and voice recognition software so you’re always heard loud and clear.

TIKI Will Travel:

Tiki’s die-cast metal body is about the size of a USB flash drive, making it the most portable recording solution. And it’s bus-powered for convenient operation during the longest calls or recording sessions. Proprietary iZotope noise-canceling technology

Pristine Audio Anywhere:

Capture pristine audio in the loudest hot spots or the quietest controlled environments with Tiki’s dual-mode operation.

  • Blue TIKI Noise-Canceling USB Microphone

  • General Features:

  • Color: Brown/Silver

  • Dual-mode compact USB condenser microphone

  • Skype, VOIP integration for Mac and PC

  • Capable of recording CD-quality, 16-bit audio at a 44.1k sampling rate

  • Enhances quality of Skype, Internet communication and voice recognition software

  • Capture any sound source

  • Proprietary iZotope noise-canceling technology

  • Enhances your voice and reduces unwanted sound

  • Portable size and rugged construction for ultimate durability

  • Multi-colored LED that indicates muting status and mode

  • Voice Mode:

  • Filters out ambient noise for clear vocals in the loudest places.

  • Natural Mode:

  • Delivers unaltered audio for recording vocals and instruments



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