Cat6 Plenum CMP (Cat6e), Ethernet Cable 1000ft, 23AWG UTP, 600MHz, Solid Bare Copper, UL Certified, w/Spline, Easy Pull (Reelex II), Networking Cable - AOP3D tech Cat6 Plenum CMP (Cat6e), Ethernet Cable 1000ft, 23AWG UTP, 600MHz, Sol– AOP3D tech Book an Appointment Cat6 Plenum CMP (Cat6e), Ethernet Cable 1000ft, 23AWG UTP, 600MHz, Solid Bare Copper, UL Certified, w/Spline, Easy Pull (Reelex II), Networking Cable
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Infinity Cable Products

Cat6 Plenum CMP (Cat6e), Ethernet Cable 1000ft, 23AWG UTP, 600MHz, Solid Bare Copper, UL Certified, w/Spline, Easy Pull (Reelex II), Networking Cable

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Brand: Infinity Cable Products

Color: Black


  • CABLE: Cat6e Plenum (CMP) bulk cable in 1000ft, 4 Pair, Unshielded Twisted Pairs (U/UTP), 23AWG, Solid Copper Conductors for optimal signal strength. 3-5 dB extra margin over EIA/ TIA-568.2-D standards. Built with a spline for performance against crosstalk. Insulated with FEP material, used in air plenum environments above suspended ceilings or below raised floors; Substitutes for CMR (Riser-rated) or unrated applications. Our Cat6e has been tested with a Fluke DSX-8000 Versiv Cable Analyzer.
  • INSTALLATION: Install Cat6e unshielded plenum cable in areas with air flow, in drop ceilings and between raised flooring. Plenum cable can also be installed in Riser rated areas: in the walls, between floors and in risers. Constructed with high quality FRPVC to reduce the spread of flames and emit less toxic smoke. Insulated with FEP for greater performance at higher temperatures. Run this Cat6e unshielded cable up to 328 Feet (100 meters). Connect this with unshielded Cat6 keystone jacks, RJ45s
  • SPECS/APPLICATIONS: Cat6e unshielded plenum cable supports 1Gb (Gigabit) Ethernet and up to 600MHz at 328 Feet. Achieve up to 10Gb at shorter distances with standard IEEE 802.3bz (2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T). Power devices such as: PoE (Power Over Ethernet), computers, routers, IP Cameras, switches, keystone jacks, RJ45's, modems, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, ethernet adapters, Fax Machines, Smart TV's, Mesh networks, access points, cctv and much more!
  • PACKAGING: Packaged in an easy to pull Reelex II box providing you with the best quality box in the industry. Reelex II Box is engineered for tangle-free, twist-free pulling providing smoother installations. Multi-layer design increases package strength, stronger handle, and package is 100% recyclable. Box comes with UL sticker and cable information. Keep track of your cable runs with a foot marked jacket every 2 feet.
  • COMPLIANCE: Get the most certified Cat6e unshielded plenum cable on Amazon with our UL Listed, ETL Verified, RoHS Compliant, TAA Compliant and 3P Tested. All cable boxes include UL Certified stickers. All cables have specification, Length and UL printing on jacket. Enjoy cable that prioritizes safety and performance. Able to pass building inspections and building code this cable combines fast speeds, durability and certification that your network will love.

Binding: Personal Computers

Details: Elite Cat6e plenum is 23AWG, unshielded and solid bare copper for optimal signal performance. It is constructed with a spline for improvement on near end crosstalk which reduces the interference between the 4 twisted pairs. This gives you a better signal and a stronger cable ! Plenum rated cable is built for air flow areas such as air ducts and between the floors. For fire safety this Plenum jacket is created with high quality low smoke flame retardant making it a great choice when fire code requires higher standards. The low smoke jacket emits less fumes when burnt and it prevents the spread of fire along the cable. Cat6e plenum cable is great in that it can replace your riser rated and general use cable (cm rated). Our Cat6e plenum cable is available in 250 and 1000ft lengths. Pull our 1000ft lengths from Reelex II boxes for nice smooth pulls. Perfect for powering PoE, video, audio and ethernet this networking cable can power your favorite devices up to 1Gb applications and 10Gb at shorter lengths! Put your trust in our multi certified cable today and your network will be thankful!

Package Dimensions: 15.3 x 14.5 x 10.8 inches

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