YOU PAY FOR THE SERVICE AS YOU WOULD IF YOU WERE TO BUY THE GAME or accessories OUTRIGHT. DIFFERENCE IS YOU PAY A LITTLE LESS. Which in the long run saves you money five dollars here, 20 dollars there it adds up to big savings. You also save time and hassle because we put the order together for you and hold it at the store 🏬, or we can ship it to you.

(buyer pays for shipping). 

_______________________________________________________________________All orders can be paid by cash, PayPal

(our PayPal email is (AOP3D.COM@GMAIL.COM).

You can also pay by credit card. However, due to rising credit processing fees we, unfortunately, have to charge a convenience fee. That will be added to your order for all credit card orders. We do apologize for that inconvenience. To view the fees we charge! See the table below!


Say what!

You can place orders at our kiosks at the store.

That's right! WE SET UP A kiosk in the store and specifically FOR YOUR ORDERS. The set up is simple come on down to the AOP3D store and use one of our kiosks to view all of our available games accessories and consoles add them to your cart save the order and add your name, and we will place the order as soon as payment is made. 

Need directions 🧭 to the store? Click the link below

Driving directions TO THE AOP3d STORE


If you want us to place an order for you please pick out the items you would like us to order from the product list.

Payment must be made b4 your order will be shipped to you.

Please let us know if your order will be picked up at the shop or if you would like us to ship it to.

_______________________________________________________________buyer pays shipping 5 dollars per item! Send us your completed list in the chat box on the site with your name and address if shipping is required.





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