AOP3D'S PREMIUM METAL Lightning Cable ( supper durable)

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AOP3D'S PREMIUM METAL Lightning Cable ( super durable)

OUR PREMIUM HIGH-SPEED DATA CABLES ARE MADE TO LAST! CONSTRUCTED FROM HIGH-END MATERIALS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A DURABLE AND LONG LASTING LIGHTNING CABLE. OUR CABLES ARE MADE WITH A FULL METAL OUTER SHEEL PROVIDING SUPERIOR PROTECTION AND STRENGTH. AND OUR CABLES SUPPORT FAST CHARGING AND ARE 2.1A COMPATIBLE.  GRAB ONE OF OUR CABLES TODAY AND SAVE MONEY FOR THE FUTURE. You won't NEED A NEW LIGHTNING CABLE ANY TIME SOON! Charge your Smartphone when connected to a computer, a car charger with a USB port. Plug and seamlessly sync and charge your phone at the same time. It provides optimized power efficiency. Heat-resistant data cable. WITH A Compact connector head IT works with nearly all cases. 3.3 feet cable for decent range when moving away from a mobile device. Compatible with iPhones



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