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 Are you one of those individuals that drops your phone all the time? Or are you one of those people that cracks their screen constantly? Or maybe you just simply want some piece of mind with your new device. Apple care plans can be expensive and so are other phone insurances. We know because we have been there just like you! So at AOP3D, we decided to try and help you save more and provide you with affordable and reliable phone insurance.


So How does it work?

This awesome phone insurance plan works just like any other phone insurance plan but it's designed to save you money, time, stress, and fear of breaking your phone.

What does my plan cover?

your plan will cover you from drops, cracks, water damage, and pretty much any other accidental event that could happen to one's phone.

what are the rules when making claims?

you will have up to (3) Claims within the year of your plan!

you have up to 3 claims for the 12 month period of your plan. If you would like to purchase extra claims. You may purchase more for 30 dollars etch! You will be required to send your device to us at 34 bearskin neck Rockport ma 01966. Once your device has been inspected we will attempt to fix the original device if your device is beyond repair we will replace your device with a refurbished unit. Your replacement unit will be the exact phone you have submitted to us. For any device that is valued over 500 dollars, a Deductible of $200 is required by the client.

If your device looks tampered with or forcefully damaged your claim will be disqualified and your device will be sent back to you at the return address provided!

icloud locked or password locked phones are (not) allowed. unless you can provide passwords and login information!


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