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AOP3D SELL IT 4 me (ebay)

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Do u have things or stuff you want to sell on eBay?  but don’t have the time or the experience? Then AOP3D IS HERE TO HELP!! For only a small fee of 10 dollars and at only 10% of what you’re item sells for we can make it happen for you. With our AOP3D SELL IT 4 me plan.! Well sell it, LIST IT, ship it, MONITOR THE LISTING  and worry about payments and then you get paid. So basically all you need to do is just give us the item and we will deal with the rest!!

A 10%final value fee will be charged once the item has sold!
eBay listing fees and final value fees also apply.
PayPal has a processing fee as well.

you are Responsible for the Shipping cost of the item!

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