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This service is almost like our HDD cloning services however slightly different. How so well this service would be useful to you when you have a desktop or laptop computer that is not working anymore and you don't want to get a new system.
Or if you just want to back up your documents and files in the event of a cyber-attack to your system:(. What we would do is take the data off your HDD Assuming it’s readable! And take your user profile and save it to a form of removable media. This will allow you to have all your stuff saved in the event you would like to access your data again at some point. However, all programs and operating systems will be lost. 

the price for this service is 150 dollars that includes your portable HDD and the service its seel;f :) 


SAVE YOUR SELF THE HASSLE AND THE MONEY. Allow us to back up your system b4 a Ransome wair attack hits you you will thank yourself in the long run we promise!


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