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iPhones, Ipads, mac books, computers/ android phones, and pretty much any other electronic device all have charging ports! Because those ports are frequently used they sometimes can get extremely dirty from almost anything! Since those electronic device ports are extremely sensitive the slightest disruption with its metal contacts and the cable can cause your device to not charge or to charge slowly! When this occurs users like to mess around with the cord wiggling it around in the port! Please do not do this it will only further damage your device and will lead to permanent damage to the charging ports! Cleaning the ports properly is one of the best ways to get your device charging fast and efficiently again, However, it also needs to be done properly you can't just use any cue tip or tweezers to clean your device or you could destroy your device with static discharge and accidentally ruin a connector inside if you pick at an area you shouldn't be touching! So allow us to save you the trouble and time and money! By having us professionally clean your device with our set of anti-static tools and vacuums we will get the job done right! FOR ONLY 20 DOLLARS! PS if we have glass for the current model of your iPhone at the time of service you will get a screen protector installed free!





please note there is never a 100% guarantee that cleaning will solve your charging issue since there are other factors involved if you have wiggled the cables prior then that can be a factor and many others so we can not guarantee that a port cleaning will be 100% effective but at most 95%!



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aop3d unlimited tech support subscription !


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